Embracing a Future of Virtual Working

The Covid-19 pandemic has brought about one of the most significant changes to the way we work almost overnight. Whilst we’ve had the technology to work efficiently and productively remotely for some time, the traditional office has remained the preferred model for the majority of companies and is embedded in their corporate culture.

But now that businesses have been forced to abandon their offices for an undefined period of time, is it time to consider whether you need to go back into the office at all?

Remote working is an opportunity to change your operating model to be more sustainable and economical – less office space, less commuting, fewer business trips, increased staff motivation and productivity due to improved work-life balance, and less sickness absence.

And working with a virtual team also has huge benefits when it comes to bringing new talent and skills onboard – it frees you from geographical recruitment restrictions – you can bring in the best person for the job, independent of their location. It also offers you flexibility – you might want to consider using freelancers on a part-time basis as you grow your business, positively impacting your bottom line with reduced recruitment costs and staff overheads.

One aspect that might concern you is how to manage and communicate with your virtual team? “How can I coordinate everything when everyone is not in the same office?”, you might wonder. There is now a raft of cloud-based technology to ably assist with this – for example, Slack for workplace management, Trello or Asana for project management, and Zoom to keep the face to face element of communication.

If you want to continue to embrace and adopt the remote/virtual model permanently moving forward, consider utilising the services of a Virtual Business Manager – someone who is already skilled in working productively and efficiently with remote teams, and you’ll be hitting the ground running, ready for when the world re-opens for business.

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